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Finally, a safe, convenient way to buy your pool supplies online! Maintained by qualified pool professionals, Online Pool Equipment Warehouse provides Australia's most comprehensive range of swimming pool covers,  filters, chlorinators and accessories.

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Davey Pumps Online & Other Swimming Pool Supplies

Online Pool Equipment Warehouse

Welcome to our website! Online Pool Equipment Warehouse simply offers the best brands when it comes to pool construction or upgrade. For a lower price, you can buy pool supplies from a wide selection we have in store for you. Get the exclusive Davey pumps from Davey Water products or swimming pool covers from Waterco, Monarch, Astral Pool, and many others. Think you can’t get quality products for a cheap price? You should check our online store.

Have you checked your bills recently? Pool maintenance may have a huge share on your monthly expenses. On average, it takes more than $200 a month to keep your pool area in good working condition. Bigger pools, however, require greater maintenance so that figure may double. Each month, you have to allot a budget for electric bills, water treatment chemicals, and cleaning services. Repairs for blocked drains or busted pumps may be necessary after some time. This may add up to an estimate of $2500 plus every year.

You don’t have to pay that much just to maintain your pool. Buy the best equipment from the start of construction to prevent future hassle. Get only materials that are proven and tested with durability. We have the best supplies you need when building your pool area. From water pumps to chlorinators, we offer a complete set of products to give you the best pool experience.

All materials sold in our online store are guaranteed safe to use. We only offer quality assured products so you are sure of their efficiency and effectiveness. Buy accessories for your pool to save you from the trouble of cleaning it every time. Pool covers may save you time from collecting dried leaves building up on the surface of the pool.

Please feel free to browse our page and visit our online store. Check out the products we have to start buying online!